Can playing with a 18 gauge tennis string give you elbow pain.?

I have 2 Wilson nTour Two 95’s. One is strung with Technifibre Pro Red Code 17 gauge (strung at 55). The other is strung with Technifibre NRG2 18 gauge (strung at 58). My elbow hurts every time I play with the 18 gauge, but never with the 17 gauge. I have used the Technifibre before, but only in the 17 gauge. Is the livelier feel causing my elbow pain.

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  1. csss s, 03 February, 2010

    The 2 other responses couldn’t be more incorrect in what they say about the thinner sring being harder on the arm. The softer, and thinner the string, the easier it is on the arm. 18g is rare in tennis, and is probably a squash string. The downfall is that the strings may break, or move around too much easily. It is true what the other person said about technique being the cause. There are many things that you could be doing wrong to cause pain in the arm. Using he arm too much and not using the body is the most common cause on the fhand. Incorrect grip is the most common cause on the backhand.
    It may be worth taking some lessons from a good pro, otherwise your arm will just get worse.
    Good luck, and do not play through the pain.

  2. gr8ss4opper, 03 February, 2010

    A thinner string is stiffer and generates more spin, so it wouldn’t surprise me all that much that it is also harsher on the arm. I don’t think the Ntour is the most arm friendly racquet either. I would try putting some lead tape strips under the grip to make it a bit more head light. The extra weight will also dampen the shock a bit more. Increase the overall weight to something you can handle. I know Natural Gut is expensive, but I would try it in the mains (with your 2nd favorite strings in the crosses). Natural Gut feels great, and is perfect for people with elbow pain/problems. Good luck in your tennis!

  3. Eric C, 03 February, 2010

    very possible.
    the thinner the string, the more pop you get, more harsh to your arm.
    if you are developing a tennis elbow, please exam your form, most likely you are hitting the ball too late (either forehand or backhand), just the string along will not cause tennis elbow.

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