cause and treatment for cyst on elbow? Should i hurry and go to the Dr’s…or can i wait a few days??

about three weeks ago my elbow was swollen with a large area of fluid.:I didn’t go the the that time..due to the fact that i see him every month….Well, i went for my regular appointment and forgot about my elbow.
now there is a new development with my elbow.the fluid has gone away and now a cyst has developed berween the two bones that join in your elbow..(upper and lower arm bone) this was small at first.I noticed it about 10 days it has tripled in size ( perhaps the size of a small walnut) My question is
what causes this?? will i need surgery……??? if so what are the repercusions?? I make crystal jewelry to pay for my parkinsens medicine. If surgery is done,will i be able to contiue immediately with my jewelry? thank you so much.

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  1. Big Nasty Trucker, 03 February, 2010


  2. Doc8, 03 February, 2010

    I assume this is a synovial cyst and is no danger

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