Does anyone have any personal results of tennis elbow surgery?

Does it resolve the issue?

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  1. college@44, 03 February, 2010

    I have no personal experience with the surgery but I have worked for an orthopedic surgeon for numerous years. I can tell you that the surgery is an outpatient procedure. A small incision is made on the outside of your arm where they go into the repair the tendon that is causing your difficulty. You come out the same day in a molded splint and ace wrap and your arm will be in a 90 degree position bent with the palm inward facing your chest. You will have minimal discomfort and will return to the doctor nine-10 days post op to have the sutures removed. At this point the splint will be removed and you will have minor stiffness which should resolve once you begin moving the extremity again. Hope this helps.

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