Is this Tennis Elbow?…And what can I do?…*?

I played tennis for so long the other day, about 7 hours.
That night my arm was in such pain, the muscle from just below my shoulder stretching along my inside arm and inside elbow.
I tried stretching it out along the pillow to help it but nothing would work. I was awake crying the whole night.
Is this tennis elbow and is there anything can do about it if it happens again?…*

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  1. Miles, 03 February, 2010

    Hello Diana,

    You can play tennis as long as you want if your technique and equipment is correct and you cross train properly off court.

    I have seen many recreational players wreck their bodies in many ways on court and it does not matter how old you are.

    First things first…whenever there is pain, ice down in 15 minute intervals on then off,, until the pain subsides.

    Then, get a lesson from a certified uspta pro to make sure your technique is correct, worth the money, believe me. They will also be able to recommend the correct equipment for your level of play and ablility.

    Now make sure you properly stretch if not before playing, definitely after, both would be ideal, you have to develop a routine.

    Now, here’s a great stretch for arm related pain… while standing up, arms hanging down on your side naturally, turn your hands outward and hold for 15 seconds minimum, make sure your stretch is only to the point where there is no pain, now relax the arms for 15 seconds minimum…now turn the hands inward and repeat.

    You can strengthen this area as well by clenching a fist and then expanding the hand 10-15 repititions while at full strech point.

    You see, tennis is not just a sport, it is a healthy lifestyle…this you should know and acknowledge, you will then really start to enjoy the game for what it’s true meaning.

    Good luck, let me know how you are doing.

  2. FREAKING RIPPED, 03 February, 2010

    Go see the doctor. If you are crying all night, then it must be pretty severe. I’ve had tennis elbow and it hurts, but it doesn’t stay hurting for the entire night.

  3. eddyac, 03 February, 2010

    It is probably just soreness from playing so long. Have you played that long in a day before? You should have iced the area for about 30 minutes after it started hurting. Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) affects the area on the outside of the elbow. Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis) affects the inside.

  4. neik b, 03 February, 2010

    I had the same thing recently and was told it was golfers elbow. The fact is it is an inflammation of your elbow. The first thing I would ask is did you stretch and prepare your body before playing. The next thing I would ask is this the first time you played that much in a single day. There is a conditioning factor that will determine how hard and how long a person can operate his or her body. You should go to a doctor or physcial therapist. He will proscribe excercises to do to stretch and strengthen then muscles and tendons. He might even give you medication to ease the pain.

  5., 03 February, 2010

    The answer to your question is NO. That is not tennis elbow. Tennis elbow involves the muscles in the forearm that are used to grasp objects. Sound like you might of pull or strained a muscle playing.

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