Elbow pain when pressing?

I have a nagging bit of elbow pain that is only prevalent when doing a pressing exercise. About 2 weeks ago I did some heavy bench presses with pins set about 6" above my chest – thus working the top portion of the lift. Since then, doing bench press with any reasonable weight is excrutiating. It’s getting better, but still painful. The elbow has no redness or swelling and is not sore to the touch, but when pressing, it ACHES to the point where I feel weak and have to stop lifting. I’m fairly certain it’s neither tennis nor golfers elbow, but am confused as it’s a pretty complicated joint. Any ideas??

Also, pulling exercises (rows, deadlifts) also aggravate it, though not to the same extent.
The pain is only felt when the bar is closer than 5-6 inches to the chest.. both down and up

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