How can I practice tennis during the winter?

I really want to try out for the tennis team next spring, but I don’t have access to a court nearby, and I don’t have a wall that I can hit a ball against? Are there any other ways that I can practice? Thanks!

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  1. TennisGuy36o, 04 February, 2010

    There are many things which u can do to keep your game up:
    1. u can practice ur service motion easily by simply tossing a tennis ball in the air and using either a racket without string or nothing at all to practice the motion.
    2. another way to get ahead of the competition you will have to face in the spring is by exercising… Great things to do are Core-strengthening workouts, such as curl-ups, and sit-ups. Also push-ups and other exercises which strengthen ur arms are good for increasing ur power on the court

    good luck with your try-outs

  2. Moly, 04 February, 2010

    You may practice your strength.speed.

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