Can anybody please tell me about best treatment for Erb’s palsy?

My 8 years old son is suffering from Erb’s palsy in left arm. Extension movements in elbow and shoulder are very poor. So can anybody tell me best treatment for nerve injury.

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  1. drkelumnk, 04 February, 2010

    I am a doctor..

    The treatment of Erb’s paly can be divided into 2 categories..
    Non surgical and Surgical…

    Nonsurgical Treatment

    Because a baby cannot move the affected arm alone, it is important that parents take an active part in keeping the joints limber and the functioning muscles fit. Daily physical therapy and range of motion exercises, done as often as possible during the day, begin when the baby is about three weeks old. The exercises will maintain the range of motion in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. This will prevent the joint from becoming permanently stiff, a condition called a joint contracture.

    Surgical Treatment

    If there is no change over the first three to six months, the doctor may discuss exploratory surgery on the nerves to improve the potential outcome (prognosis). Nerve surgery will not restore normal function, and is usually not helpful for older infants. Because nerves recover very slowly, it may take several months, or even years, for nerves repaired at the neck to reach the muscles of the lower arm and hand.

    Many children with brachial plexus injuries will continue to have some weakness in the shoulder, arm, or hand. There may be surgical procedures that can be performed at a later date that might improve function.

    The doctor will discuss the various treatment options and make a specific recommendation based on each child’s individual situation. Do not hesitate to ask questions. There is much that parents can do to help ensure a good return of function.

    Children are very adaptable. Parents should be supportive and encouraging, focusing on what the child can do. This will help a child develop a healthy sense of self-esteem and compensate for any limitations in function.

    Feel free to write to me for more information..

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