What are some good conditioning exercises for tennis?

I am going to join my school tennis team, but its my first year.its a no-cut sport, so try- outs not a problem. i wanna get more fit, so what are some good conditioning exercises i could do?

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  1. Rommi989, 04 February, 2010

    running is a good idea. i personally hate running but in all my years of playing i have discovered it is a good idea. you might also work on arm strength.

  2. kate, 04 February, 2010

    A good idea to start getting you cardio level higher would be to run. Run laps around the court. Run suicides on the court. Run in your neighborhood, just get active. Every year when I played tennis, my stamina and endurance in a match would be what I need to play my potential. To increase that stamina to play to the best of your ability your whole match is to be able to keep a high energy level for a long period of time and running helps you do that. This is from personal experience..not sure if this works for everyone.

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