I have Tennis Elbow and I need something to help so I can…?

Lift weights, continue to play softball, and bowl without such pain. I got tennis elbow by playing softball for my high school and this year I am taking a weight lifting class and joining the bowling team. I was told that all three of those may cause tennis elbow so I figure I need something to support my elbow? What could I get and where? Ive been dealing with the pain for years because I didnt know what was wrong and have a higher pain tolerance than most to stick through it. At first I thought it was just from working so much in softball. I play 3rd base so it gets strained a lot. What do you recommend? Even if its something that wont get rid of the pain completely that is okay because I can learn to deal with it like I have been….just seems to get worse though.

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  1. Ninja jolmod, 04 February, 2010

    why not go to a doctor or a physical doctor ,?
    or use the elbow thing the cloth they put around the elbow .

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