I have tendonitis, carpel tunnel and tennis elbow.?

Braces don’t help, I’ve tried 6 different types of braces. And surgery made it worse. Any suggestions?? I’m willing to do anything to make this pain go away. I get shooting pains up my arm into my neck and back, and nothing I do helps. Not even taking Vicodin or Codeine

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  1. gillianprowe, 04 February, 2010

    Pilate’s! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and had tendinitis and Golfers elbow, had five shots for the elbow and then they gave up. I started Pilate’s and while it is a hard exercise, the day when they told me to get up on one arm and leg, sideways, I said ‘No I have Golfers Elbow!’ They explained that if I did not try and get the weight onto my arm, I would always have Golfers Elbow, so slowly I tried, think I used the flat of my arm first and gradually built up. Guess what, it went and I have had no problem since. Best of Luck

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