How to get taller at the age of 16, for a boy?

My current highest is 65.7 inches. I need to get taller because i feel embarrassed with my current highest…
What exercises do you suggest or special nutrition or diet to help me to get taller.
Note: I’m fit and i was a pro tennis player before but now i stopped for some reasons but still go to exercise in the gym from time to another.
Thank You and sorry for my bad English….not my first language.

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  1. Annika, 05 February, 2010

    You can’t get taller, unless your family is tall. You can’t control how you grow.

    You can control how you look. 8 hours of sleep, water, fruit, vegetables, and fish. Your skin, energy, and health will improve. This may encourage your body to grow to its pre-determined height faster.

  2. Brune, 05 February, 2010

    Here’s what I answered to a similar question;_ylt=Aq_R0qgz2nJa0O4ltcfshnXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091021030542AAoDw7X&show=7#profile-info-VxIny1jmaa

  3. Rev. John Kelly, 05 February, 2010

    !st of all it is genetics. There’s nothing you can do. But on the other hand, a boy don’t fully stop growing until the age of 18.

  4. waffle bob, 05 February, 2010

    umm….you really can’t control how fast and when you’s up to your body to depends maybe how tall your parents are is how tall you will be.

  5. DragonFlames, 05 February, 2010

    Noudy. let me tell u know, those pills and crap dont work. You do lose them but u also gain em quick. To lose weight exercise and hea;thy eating is the way to go. For getting taller. Its said that if u exercise you wont get taller so i guess dont exercise?

  6. Tinkerbell, 05 February, 2010

    you cnat get shorter but you can do other stuff my bf is shorter then me and im taller then him but hieghs and size and weight does not matter honey its the way you feel for the perosn not for what they look like you should only worrie about caring for him for who he is not for what you and him look like dummy lol just playing but really care about him for who he is not bc of your looks and his

  7. Ali, 04 August, 2011

    hey buddy
    boys can grow taller upto 23-25 and if you eat alot and do exercises like volleyball,yoga…you can grow taller.if your parents are short theres two reasons:genetic or they didnt eat good food.I’m 16 and 179 cms & wish to be about 190 caus im a volleyball parents are short but im growing in a very good way.
    you better sleep alot and eat rich food and can grow 2 cms/year now.

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