Is there a genital equivalent of “Tennis Elbow”?

I was playing strenuously game ping-pong without wear underwear and have developd a sirius rash.. I think I pull something too, I don’t pee now 2 days.

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  1. El Penfold, 05 February, 2010

    Yes it’s called genital elbow. It’s when you get an elbow in you pecker. Handy for peeing round corners but can cause a kink in the pee pipe.

  2. Chris R, 05 February, 2010

    You broke it!

    What were you thinking?!

  3. Henry C, 05 February, 2010

    You’re fine. Run a cheese grater over the inflamed area for 5 minutes, then sit in a bowl of gin. Do this twice a day for week– you’ll be back at the pong table in no time, champ!!

  4. some_yank, 05 February, 2010

    You can get information about that sirius rash on a satellite radio.

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