how do you get better at tennis fairly fast?

ok i take lessons once a week and when spring comes im gonna go to my local court everyday, but my dream is to become a professional tennis player but im 15 and pretty far behind alot of other kids my age sooooooo I was just wondering wat the best way to get better was, as in drills and exercises because i want to be a great tennis player but i need to do more then just hit and play games with my friends

so can anyone help?

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  1. Jazper, 05 February, 2010

    First of all, if you have big dreams, GET A GOOD COACH. This question that you are asking cannot really be properly answered at Yahoo Answers. You should get a good coach, tell him your desires and dreams, and let him do his expert and professional work to turn you into a good player.

    Now it sounds as if you haven’t been playing pretty long. The first step is to get a groundstroke motion (for forehand and backhand) that you will ALWAYS use for almost every shot. What am I trying to say? If you watch professional players with long rallies, they always hit the ball with the same motion. Nadal usually hits his forehands from below the ball, he pushes it forward, then his racket ends up over his head. Federer’s backhand usually has ONE certain shape.

    You are supposed to stick with one motion too, so that if your opponent hits the ball weak, or strong, low, or high, you will still hit it with the same shape and motion of your shot. The best way is to simply hit in the shape of an infinity sign (the 8 lying down). You start from the middle of the infinity sign. Raise your racket, turn it around, then from the bottom of the infinity sign, you move it up the infinity sign while hitting the ball and your racket ends at the the top of the infinity sign. Then you go back to the middle. This way, you’ll be hitting both topspin and forward.

    Once you finally have ONE shot motion, you will have a good foundation for tennis. You must be able to hit about 10 shots straight with ease by that time. After you have CONSISTENCY (this is the word for being able to hit the ball without committing errors in a well… consistent manner), you can focus on other things such as placement, power, spin, etc. Some players train placement or power right away without having consistency. Thus, they struggle because they always make errors because they always hit the ball with a DIFFERENT motion. Once consistency becomes something you don’t think about anymore (because it has become a habit), then you can focus on other things without worrying about making errors.

    Okay, so you finally have consistency because you keep practicing that one shot motion… now what? This is where you get a coach to teach you all the other important aspects of tennis. And always remember this: TENNIS TRAINING IS NOT ONLY ON THE COURT. When you’re out of the court, like at home, do something called TENNIS PLYOMETRIC DRILLS. You can learn about this in the internet. Just check it out on Google. Plyometric drills/exercises are basically drills that will help you in a specific sport. So you do Tennis plyometric drills. This will help you in footwork, stamina, speed, and strength. How about if you’re in school? Crumple up some paper in class and keep squeezing it with your hand, then loosen up your grip, then squeeze it again. This will strengthen your arm. Of course listen to the teacher while doing this. At home? When you wake up, before getting off bed, do situps. Then get out of bed, then do pushups. Then do your morning routine, then do plyometric drills. Then hit the court and practice your shots. Then play some games to get game experience (playing games is VERY DIFFERENT from doing drills so it is important to play games often).

    Again, get a coach 😀 This is the most important thing.

    God bless you 😀 You can do it. And remember, John McEnroe started tennis when he was already 15. He ended up as world #1 some years ago :).

  2. Jesus, 05 February, 2010

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  3. G-12, 05 February, 2010

    Basically taking private lessons would surely boost your game up a bunch.

  4. Jacky Nguyen, 05 February, 2010

    what you are doing right now is the right thing to do since you’re a beginner. the fastest way is to play as many match as possible so you can get use to every style of play. and you will learn more from playing rather than drilling.but doing both is even better. fine a partner who is a little bit better than you and play. after about 3-5 match play consecutively I’m sure you’ll get better. if you play seriously in a game you get better even faster. and it will help you find the form of style that will fit your game the most.

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