has anyone any ideas to ease tennis elbow please?

been to doctors tablets cause side effects, dont fancy injections thanks
medication is normulen comprimidos,
side effects dry mouth teeth aching,

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  1. Fred F, 05 February, 2010

    I had it bad a few months ago. I used the arm band..it worked temporarily. I finally opted for the injection…and Ive been painfree for 3 months now. Time and rest of the tendon is all that will help..other than the injection. Good luck.

  2. mlgable, 05 February, 2010

    You need to buy a brace made specifcally for this at the drug store. Also use cold packs for about 20 minutes at a time. You mentioned meds causing side effects but you didn’t say what meds and what the side effects were. If you post more info about the meds and the side effects you experienced maybe more advice can be offered.

  3. Dr urok, 05 February, 2010

    Then U have only one option.. Go for a ”simple two stitch operation”, as they say it, but I think again the tablets and injections won’t leave U !! No?
    And finally one thing, have you ever thought of the thing which causes maximum harm to the body ? Yes come on that is the AIR U breath all the time !! Can u think of living without that ?

  4. Ashwood, 05 February, 2010

    I finally had to have mine injected. Twice. The second one has lasted about 3 years now.

  5. Ceci, 05 February, 2010

    I had this a few years ago, and it really does hurt! Do some stretches with your arm and hand. Here’s one: Extend your arm so that it is parallel with the floor; fingers straight out. With your other hand, gently pull back on your extended fingers so they are pointing straight up. . Hold for 5 seconds. Do this 5 times.

    Then, with your other hand, gently push down on your hand so your fingers are pointing at the floor. Hold for 5 seconds and do this 5 times.

    I did this with physical therapy and it took about a year for the pain to go away. I hope your elbow gets better soon!

  6. Rene B, 05 February, 2010

    If you got your tennis elbow due to tennis, then there’s something wrong with your backhand. You are not doing it properly. Anyway, you can seek help from a physiotherapist if you don’t like injections. Injections however, offer better relief and if you change your faulty stroke, chances are the tennis elbow will settle down permanently.

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