Why is it called tennis elbow?

Can you only get it from playing tennis?

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  1. Richard C, 06 February, 2010

    It sounds better than plumber’s or carpender’s elbow. It is seen with people that use the extensors of the wrist a lot. It can happen from any activity that places stress on the wrist extensors especially when they are not prepared for the overload.

  2. J.S.11, 06 February, 2010

    you can’t only get it from tennis, but it is common when playing tennis to experience it.
    It happens a lot when you play for a long time when you are not used to it.

  3. careedee, 06 February, 2010

    No, you can get it from any activity that involves repititious movement of your elbow. It is generally referred to as "Tennis Elbow" because it is very common among Tennis players, who are constantly using that particular joint.

  4. carla9785, 06 February, 2010

    Actually it was first described in the 1800’s when Tennis players would most likely get it, from hitting repeatedly, there was people who did get it before Tennis, but when Tennis happened, it kept being more common, so they named it after the sport which started the madness, it was most common in Tennis, but is common in anybody who uses their arm repeatedly, it is actually most common in people ages 35 – 60 because bones start become weak as you get older, but can occur at any age, If you have these symptoms….

    * Pain on the outer part of elbow (lateral epicondyle).
    * Point tenderness over the lateral epicondyle–a prominent part of the bone on the outside of the elbow.
    * Gripping and movements of the wrist hurt, especially wrist extension and lifting movements.
    * Activities that uses the muscles that extend the wrist (e.g. pouring a pitcher or gallon of milk, lifting with the palm down) are characteristically painful.
    * Morning stiffness.

    Then I suggest an MRI to be done to show the fluid, and the best treatment I could describe is to get Physical Therapy, in worse cases, you may have to have surgery.

  5. steve b, 06 February, 2010

    It happens to tennis players because they over extend and over exert their elbows.

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