What exactly happens to the elbow joints when the elbow is hyperextended?

I’m doing a report for my Anatomy class, and I keep reading up on hyperextension, but what i can’t figure out is what does it do to the joints specifically? Do the ligaments stretch too far? Is there pressure between the humerus and the ulna? (Are there ligaments between the humerus and the ulna? I believe yes, but I can’t find a proper diagram.) Also, if there are any diagrams of a hyperextended elbow (also can’t find those) that would be an enormous help. Thank you!

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  1. Kristin, 06 February, 2010

    The main ligaments of the elbow are the two collateral ligaments, one on each side (the radial and ulnar collateral ligaments attach, respectively from the humerus to the radius and ulna). These are the ligaments that would be stretched in hyperextension. There is also a fibrous joint capsule that covers the whole joint, so the front of that capsule would also be stretched.

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