Do i have tennis elbow?…Baseball people help…plz!!?

ok so for the last couple of months i have felt pain in my elbow when playing baseball…..the pain went away a month ago but came back again today…

i have also been leifting weights but i dont think that that is the reason my elbow hurts….both my forearms hurt but i dont know if its from lifting or tennis elbow/

has anyone had this before?
if yes, what can i do to better the health of my elbow?

tank u

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  1. Lavender, 06 February, 2010

    not sure about exercising it but I do know that when your doing these things use an elastic wrap, they have them just for tennis elbow or golfers elbow..check at your local pharmacy like rite aid, or wal-mart. I had to purchass a few until I found the right one I was comfortable with while doing certain activities.. Golfers elbow hurts on the inside of your elbow and tennis elbow hurts on the outside of it,, they are two different things. I didn’t think those elastic band would do much but I was wrong, they work wonders… I never played golf or tennis…. lol

  2. debbie g, 06 February, 2010

    Sounds like tennis elbow to me.

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