What is Tennis elbow…?

Why is Tennis Elbow called Tennis elbow even though you can get it even if you don’t or have ever played Tennis??

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  1. bart h, 06 February, 2010

    tennis elbow happens when you snap your arm out to fast, or just extend it so fast and not stop so that your joint absorbs the impact of the bone. you can get tennis elbow by flicking your arm out really fast so that it kind of just comes to a "hit" stop. then you start feeling pain afterwards

  2. gir_made_waffles, 06 February, 2010

    huh…your elbow is your weenis…hehe

  3. Akir, 06 February, 2010

    Tendinitis in your elbow from a repetetive motion(as in a tennis forehand or serve). You can also get it from baseball or activities that use a similar motion.

  4. Miss Misfit, 06 February, 2010

    It’s called this because almost every tennis player developes it.

  5. mister.dempsey, 06 February, 2010

    It means your arm is tired….like when youve been lifting weights or, swinging a racket, etc.

  6. Parth A, 06 February, 2010

    an elbow of andy roddick for ex.

  7. Jordan, 06 February, 2010

    hahaha weenis

  8. natalie, 06 February, 2010

    tennis elbow isnt really a problem with you elbow.
    its when your forearm muscle is really sore
    they call it tennis elbow because it is common in tennis players from swinging the racket and is is near youre elbow.
    you can get it from anything where you use you arms. im a waitress and i have it from carryig heavy trays

  9. emcee, 06 February, 2010

    Tennis elbow is soreness or pain on the outer part of the elbow….

  10. Mikaela, 06 February, 2010

    huh..weenis…hahahaha, boy’s in my school say i’m gonna pinch your weenis to other boys to be silly like there trying to say "penis" but the evil principal will catch them so they say weeeeenis!!!!!

  11. nilufer_82, 06 February, 2010

    It’s a condition that is commonly associated with playing tennis or overuse your elbow

  12. Nicole M, 06 February, 2010

    Because it is more common to get it while playing Tennis

  13. ♥ J’Adore E.Gulbis♥, 06 February, 2010

    I thought it was bursititis (inflammation of the bursa) on the lateral side of the elbow.

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