Tennis elbow/frozen shoulder. . .what could this pain be?

I have had pain in my arm for about 4 months now, On the very day I went to the doctor, there was harldy any pain at all, but now, it seems to be pregressively getting worse.I have read about tnnis elbow and frozen shoulder onlie, and can’t determine if its either of them, but, movements like putting your arm into the sleeve of your coat or taking a jumper off and having to cross arm over head are very painful. I do type alot, (on here!), but, thought that woud of made my wrist ache if anything.Anyone any suggestions on what it could be.Doc said it was tennis elbow and to take paraetamol. . . they dont make any difference at all, and now, its making me wake through the night.Help, any suggestions, apart form cutting it off!

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  1. john h, 07 February, 2010

    I had exactly the same problems you describe the doctor gave me quartazone injectection just below the elbow whilst this did help I still had pain regularily in my shoulder it was my left shoulder so I slept for a week on my couch on my right shoulder to stop me turning over during sleep this helped but for permenant relief i take herbal tablets called GLOCOSAMINE 750 mg It aids in the repair of the shoulder joints and others i get it in a bottle of 90 and take 2 at once most mornings as the pain has gone I take less but they are highly recommended for anyone who is active in sports or has Arthritis which may be the case with your shoulder pain .I had my shoulder x-rayed and I have slight arthritis but the glucosamine is repairing it so suggest you do the same …john.

  2. Susan, 23 November, 2014

    Not sure how old this post is, but I have the same condition. At the moment, I am being treated from frozen shoulder due to shoulder impingement. I have bone spurs on my shoulder bone. I waited almost a year before seeking a Doctors opinion and in that year, the changes were slow, but steady until I couldn’t reach up to do my hair, take a pull over off, or shave my underarms.
    Right now, I have been in physical therapy for two months, the motion is getting better, but new symptoms include constant pain in the elbow and my fingers and hands are always asleep.
    We are talking about surgery possibly next month. I don’t want to because of recovery time,me don’t have the vacation hours to take time off my job, plus, I’m expecting a new grandbaby soon and I want to be able to hold her.

    Not sure what my next move will be.

    Any suggestions?

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