Could i have gotten my very sore elbow and arm from clicking this damn mouse?

What can I do to relieve sworeness? Am mainly using left (non-dominant hand) now? I don’t want to take aleve or tylenol,etc.

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  1. One small candle, 07 February, 2010

    Yes I work from home and have the same problem. You have to get a wrist support. I use a rolled up pair of socks. You can buy foam ones
    or wrap something around your wrist. It hurts right up to my shoulder if I don’t use the support.

  2. hazel, 08 August, 2011

    I have made some elbow pads for a cut up pair of socks (in my case ladies nylon pop sox). I cut off the very edge of the toes, pull the socks on up my arms with the elasticated edge around my bicep then turn the cut edge up to form a hem just below my elbow. Then I tuck a pad of folded tissue or cotton wool into the folded area, just over my elbow. Sorted.

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