Tennis exercises to improve endurance and strength?

how can i gain more endurance and strength with some daily exercises?

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  1. hoohoo day, 07 February, 2010

    Some particular areas to be paid more attention: Do squats and running; train your back’s rotator cuff muscle (lower and upper internal and external rotation cuff exercises) in the gym, etc. plus some push-ups; sit-up for strong abs is important too; often do body muscle stretching exercises; foster/train a good breathing technique while running.
    Regime: do them with medium light one daily, eat and live healthy, increase intensity as days go on (do at your own comfortable pace). When starting out, don’t force yourself with too much stress on the muscle because it may hurt and you need to play tennis too beside just physical training. Always warm up/stretch your body before working out and playing tennis.

    If ok, do the whole body workout.
    (for rotator cuff muscle internal and external rotation exercises, u may need a gym rubber band to do it, for more of how to perform it, u can easily google/youtube it out on the web)

    I’ve almost forgotten one important thing. Do the running. It helps strengthening your legs muscle and running speed on court a lot, plus shaping you breathing better to suit the a lot of running and chasing on court

  2. Joe P, 07 February, 2010

    try running to improve endurance, maybe 3 miles every other day or so… for strength just lift some weights

  3. TwilightFan, 07 February, 2010

    My favorite exercises are the footwork drills. You need to buy a ladder that you lie on the ground. They’re really cheap and a MUST for faster footwork. In just a few weeks there was a great increase in my foot speed.
    There are of course other great exercises you can do, but that one is my favorite 🙂

  4. mikeking, 07 February, 2010

    I do push ups every day. At first, start by doing 3 sets of 15 push ups a day, with about 5 minutes between sets. Then, increase the number of push ups in each set by 5 every 1 – 2 weeks. Also, you can do crunches to work on your core muscles.

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