Pain Management How much is to much?

I am curious and would like others opinions.
I have been dealing with throbbing pain since a accident when a very early teen. Over 20 years now.
I had yet another accident within the last 3-4 years. Causing another host of painful outcomes.
Anyhoo I have been talking with others who do not understand that I do not take so many pain killers as to be "out of it". These people do not understand. The group of peeps (it is a medication group) seam to think one should not feel any pain what so ever at anytime!
I am curious how many people think it is OK to feel….pain. I mean when it gets real bad I do take something. I am deathly afraid of being (or getting) addicted to pain killers!! I have kids that need me. I see how other people are and do not want to be this way.
At the moment if I went to the doctors for my arms (tennis elbow? I have RA) I would have to have very painful injections with needle.
My motto Pain is just a way to no you are alive…..

What is your opinion?
I thought I would add I do have a seizure disorder which makes some pain killers off limits to me.
RA is rheumatoid arthritis, some mornings I can not walk, move.

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  1. mimi, 07 February, 2010

    I have been dealing with chronic pain for several years now. I did find it helpful to go to a pain management class to find some new tools to deal with the daily situations we have to face.

    chronic pain is a funny thing. Nerves have memories of when pain existed and they still keep firing even though there shouldn’t be pain anymore. I don’t think they know why this occurs, but there are many things you can try to help alleviate the painful episodes. Pain meds is just one of them and since they can make you a bit loopy, it is a good idea to only take them when you’re going to be home for a while and have them be in your system when you need to sleep, so you can sleep a bit better.

    During the waking hours you need to pull from your arsenal of weapons to help you deal with the pain. Exercise get the endorphins moving and help diminish painful stimulii.
    One thing we did in our class was walking for 2 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 7 minutes, then 10 minutes. Increase just a few minutes each day that way at the end of the walk you can say to yourself, ‘hey, that wasn’t so bad. maybe I can go longer tomorrow’.
    Another think we did was learn a few Ta’i Chi moves.
    We started out in the basement workout room that was much cooler then the surrounding areas and everyone was complaining about the temp. Nothing we could do so we just moved on and learned the steps. They are really very simple and combine slow movement and deep breathing together.
    After 10 minutes of doing this, no one was complaining about the cold any longer and our hand and feet were no longer cold.
    It was a real eye opener

    Something so simple really helped generate better circulation (since being in pain makes your breathing shallow and circulation sucks).

    I only take pain meds at night, but I don’t know what would happen if I had to give them up completely.

    Good luck and try to suffer through the boring "pain management" class because you will find something to help you, I bet more than one thing.

  2. drgoodhi, 07 February, 2010

    Masochists like to feel pain

  3. sweetirsh, 07 February, 2010

    My anaswr is pain and gain. Tell the doc you need more.

  4. Debby B, 07 February, 2010

    It is ok to feel pain- but still be able to function- if you keep the pain under control and take the med before the pain is out of control it is easier to manage- I do homecare and have pt’s with chronic and acute pain- Rn

  5. freesample1, 07 February, 2010

    pain is your bodies way of saying something isn’t right. Of course you know what isn’t right. Taking to much pain med’s just starts you on a cycle that doesn’t get you anyway. If there is no help for your physical problems then seek other forms of meds to try to help decrease the feelings of pain but not the eliminate them. I too am in constant pain but don’t like to be on pain pills either. I just try to use them when it gets to rough to function. I hope this helps you.

  6. mlgable, 07 February, 2010

    Some chronic pain is ok but you should be on enough medication to keep your pain at a level of 3 or less on a pain scale. 1 is almost no pain and 10 is the worst pain you have ever felt in your entire life. Using that scale rate your pain and if you meds don’t keep you at 3 or less than you are undermedicated and need to get your meds adjusted. As for the tennis elbow you do not have to have painful cortisone shots unless nothing else works. You need to try a brace specifically designed for tennis elbow if you are not already using one and rest the area and use cold packs several times a day. As for getting addicted to pain killers that will generally not happen to someone who uses them for chronic pain unless they abuse them. The one who get addicted are people who abuse them by taking more than what is prescribed and pretty soon that isn’t enough so they take more and more. People with chronic pain generally don’t do that as they are careful with what they take. Also if you pain killers make you feel out of it when you take what is recommended then you need to report this to your doctor so they can change your medication to something that doesn’t make you feel this way. When you have side effects you need to let the doctor know so they can adjust or change your meds.

  7. blest and favrd, 07 February, 2010

    I can identify with you on some level. I, too, had a car accident about 2 years ago. As a result, I have 2 bulging discs in my neck(We were rear-ended) My neurosurgeon stated that he didn’t think that it warranted surgery and proceeded to set me up with a ‘pain management specialist’ who was to inject my neck with these steriod shots to help with the pain. Well I took the first one with no problem. However, when I took the second one,,,,, oh my goodnessssssssssssss.(to say the least) To make a long story short, now I have more problems than I did to begin with. He shot me on my nerve. Rendering my right arm(and I am right-handed) in pain at all times. I have to take a drug called neurontin to try to help regenerate the nerve in that arm but I too do not like taking pain killers. I am in pain almost all the time. No one seems to understand. I only take one at night when it is time to go to bed because I too have to be there for my kids. Pain may be a way of letting you know you are alive but there are some times when I long to be pain-free. It is not God’s will for us to be in pain. He wishes above all else that we prosper and be in good health remember? I pray to him constantly. I know and I have the faith that when He gets ready, He will heal me completely.

  8. BeautifulFairy, 07 February, 2010

    I think if you take the pain meds like they are prescribed then i think their is nothing wrong in it. Now if you took so many more a day than you are suppost to or if you snorted them then that would be getting bad off on it.

    Just take it as needed or however it is written out to you. I would rather take something for it than to lay in pain

  9. , 07 February, 2010

    best thing to do is find out what really causes ur pain, pain is our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong, if u have done everything then ur last recourse is pain medication. u are scared of being addicted to it, u should try other ways to alleviate ur pain, like massage therapy, hot or warm compresses , TENS, if u are in high doses of pain meds and its not relieving ur pain, u can ask your doc for a different type of medication..

  10. AdamKadmon, 07 February, 2010

    I too have dealt with pain and agree. I can get pain meds 365.25 days a year. However, I may end up taking something for 30 days a year if that. I just know I can live with the pain, and that’s okay. I have had 5 carpal tunnel surgeries between my two hands. I’ve also had 3 acromioplasties (where they put your arm in a vice-grip, pull the shoulder out of the socket and scrap it off). I also have a few other conditions, however, I’m not worried about addictions, I just don’t see it necessary since I’m able to "remove" some of the pain through self-hypnosis, actually its a form of dissociativeness. Of course, I lose alot of time that way, but it works. Pain does let you know your alive and the funny thing is, as bad as my body hurts, I still can’t take a headache.

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