Tennis elbow – solve by streching?

Tennis elbow stretch solves the problem. I really have to share this. 4 months suffering and after trying the stretching method….my tennis elbow gets better!

This guy suggested regular stretching and you could even playing your sport / use your arm during the tennis elbow period.

I am very happy 🙂 🙂

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  1. skipped82451, 08 February, 2010

    I am happy someone suggested this to you. I had the same problem but kept using the elbow. While playing badminton, my elbow popped when I returned. No more pain after 2 months of pain on movement. Wish I had known sooner.

  2. Made_in_America, 08 February, 2010

    Thank you for sharing that. I didn’t know.

  3. riversofmydreams, 08 February, 2010

    we are happy, your happy.. the world is just a happy place ,, lol

  4. marion w, 08 February, 2010

    Thank you, I have suffered from this and it can be very painful

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