can you get to many cortisone injections?

I have tennis elbow and have had 2 cortisone shots within a two week period, is that to much and when can I get another if needed

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  1. Jewels, 08 February, 2010

    you should not get another one for 2-3 months..cortisone injections are not the best thing for your bones…they do help your pain in a cinch tho

  2. Ron, 08 February, 2010

    My Doctor limits me to 3 a year, and that’s only after trying anti-infalmmatories and pain killers. Good luck.

  3. matador89, 08 February, 2010

    There is no absolute fixed maximum number of injections that you can have. However, if you are requiring multiple injections on a regular basis for the same problem it might be worth considering another way of treating the problem. Often physicians do not want to give more than three, but there is not really a specific limit to the number of shots. However, there are some practical limitations. If a cortisone injection wears off quickly or does not help the problem, then repeating it may not be worthwhile. Also, animal studies have shown effects of weakening of tendons and softening of cartilage with cortisone injections. Repeated cortisone injections multiply these effects and increase the risk of potential problems. This is the reason many physicians limit the number of injections they offer to a patient.
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  4. Kenny A, 08 February, 2010

    Give your elbow lots of rest. I mean you almost have to act like that arm is broken, and do every thing with your other arm. It could take a couple months to back to normal. Figure out what activity is causing the flair ups and try to cut back on what ever it is. I’m in the same boat right now. I work in a factory and my tennis elbow keeps coming back too. I’m about to ask for a 3rd shot, so I don’t know what my Dr. will say. But those arm braces for tennis elbow will help a lot.

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