What are good exercises or drills to help tennis skills?

I just want to know if there are any specific exercises which will help me move around faster in the court or just be overall better at tennis. Thanks for your help!

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  1. davidlt56, 08 February, 2010

    Hmm… great question.

    1) Strength
    With a decently heavy medicine ball, carry it through your backswing, then toss it to your workout partner, and from there perhaps even play a little game of medicine ball mini-tennis.

    2) Agility
    With a 12-20 foot rope ladder, hop through each ladder segment, then go sideways, and practice different ways of moving through the rope.

    3) Awareness
    With one of those balls that seem to bounce in unexpected paths play mini-tennis with your hands with a friend.

    There are many more ways, but I hope these helped 😀

  2. s.boffin, 08 February, 2010

    stay on the top of your toes so its easyer to jump to the side and minuver tricks, also use wrist for controll and to prevent it from going out of court

  3. Riddick, 08 February, 2010

    1 legged squats, overhead tricep extensions, interval training ( I use the stair stepper, stationary and mobile bike, jogging/sprinting for interval training), stand straight with your arms parallel to you body and extend your arms out away from your body (to make a a letter T) but keep raising your arms all the way up over your head (to make the letter I) and slowly let them down in front of your body (gradually increase the dumbbell weight over time). There are a ton of variations on the aforementioned tip that will increase your shoulder/arm strength which in turn will give you the ultimate one handed backhand. These are just a few basic pointers. Hit the gym or court and try different excercises.

  4. moon_carlo3, 08 February, 2010

    Agility = Jump Ropes, Sprint forward toward the net then backstep sprint back then do it again. .do suicides

    Power = Practice hitting the ball always at the (sweet spot), do weight training( but not too much ) . . it will help if one of your drills will involve hitting numerous balls with all your strength to bring out the full power of your strokes

  5. Tots, 08 February, 2010

    i play tennis for my school, and we do suicides constantly, they really help with footwork.

  6. aimdude40, 08 February, 2010

    jogging, lunges, washers,push-ups
    stuff like that

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