Tennis Elbow or…?

Hey. I just noticed that my elbow hurt yesterday but i’m not sure if its tennis elbow… A couple of weeks ago, i went to the doctors and i checked up on my elbow that had a popping noise when i pull my arm back, and pulled it the opposite direction. He said my tendon thingy or something was loose and if it bothered me, i had to get surgery.

Here’s the problem, I’m not sure if its tennis elbow or the tendon thing but it hurts whenever i do easy stuff, like open my refrigerator door. I iced it but i’m not exactly sure where to ice my elbow… so i iced it near my tendon, then on the center of my elbow. can someone help me? …i dont want surgery on my tennis arm during the season…

Additional info… lets see… I’m a 14 asian boy, 5′ 2 and a half, like 92 lbs, i play tennis. I also write with my left hand but i am right handed in almost everything except for eating.

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  1. liscsoccerdude12, 09 February, 2010

    i had a very similar thing happen to me. i got a seperated elbow from tennis. my growth plate seperated from the other part of my elbow and it hurt to do easy kinds of stuff. If you hold your arm out with your knuckle pointing up the bottom part of my elbow intersection is where mine was seperated and if that’s that your talking about this is what i had to do this summer. i was asked i could have surgery and have a pin put in to bring them back togther or i could play no tennis and no baseball for 5 months. With surgery you’ll be out the same amount of time but more pain i would guess, so i have been resting my elbow for the last 3 months and have 2 to go i would have to advise you your season is over i’m sorry it sucks but your elbow sounds as mested up as mine. and it needs rest i’m around the same size as you and you could really screw up your elbow then no tennis for maybe 2 years so just take a break and ice it 20 minutes a day and take advil or tylenol when it starts to hurt every 4-6 hours

    hope this helps i’m going through the same thing as you

  2. Taylor B, 09 February, 2010

    hey im an asian tennis player too! i did a research on tennis elbow for our science class. here are some tips: 1st try using heat/cooling pads on your elbow or maybe a brace. if that doesnt help, try getting physical therapy. and lastly, dont use steroid injections. im serious, patients who were giving steroid injections from doctors came back 72% of the time with recurring pain. physical therapy ended up being the best choice for curing tennis elbow.

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