How do I prevent hurting my elbow when throwing the baseball?

I have had problems when throwing/pitching the baseball. I can start out and stretch my arms, but my elbow hurts. It isn’t my shoulder that will ever hurt just my elbow and it will kill. What is wrong with my throw and I should I throw properly?

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  1. stan da manly man the one u want, 09 February, 2010

    make sure you don’t snap your elbow with your pitches at the end. you gotta have a follow through to ease the tension on your arm. i had a huge and a painful problem with this. my pitching coach suggested that i rotate my body through the throwing zone to ease the pressure on my elbow. basically, more shoulder rotation. so i started to pitch using mainly my shoulder rotation. at first, it was uncomfortable, weird and wild. i threw some weird ass pitches. but the investment of hard time definitely paid off. my elbow started to heal and it felt better and i could give an extra with the pitches. plus the extra shoulder rotation helped out a lot. give it a try! but remember, it won’t work the first few times you try it. it took me about a week of hard pitching to get used it.

  2. steves95008, 09 February, 2010

    First see a chiropractor, second try throwing with your other arm.

  3. -Zero-, 09 February, 2010

    When throwing make sure you follow through, because if you dont, you basically snap and lock your elbow. You may not even notice your doing it, but make sure you follow through and drag your arm across your body or anywhere comfortable , so your elbow doesn’t get it.

    Make sure your throwing overhand as well, not 3/4 as some people may throw. When you throw 3/4 you’re messing with your elbow, but if you’re comfortable that way and want to, make sure you follow through and afterwards drag your arm across your body form the side of your throwing arm to your glove arm so your elbow doesn’t just stop and lock.

  4. westtexasgirl2004, 09 February, 2010

    well always throw over the top. you are probably dropping your elbow. always limit the number of pitches you pitch. when you are warming up do not throw your hardest.

    if i were you i would get someone who knows about pitching to watch you throw. you might have a glitch

  5. GO PACK GO!!!, 09 February, 2010

    Ok…something i learned the hard way is to never throw side-armed….i dont kno if thats your case…but it tends to be a problem nd it ****s up yer elbow…

    make sure that when u throw…yer arm is right next to yer head..

  6. cowboy4life, 09 February, 2010

    You could possibly be throwing side arm or like a 3/4 over the top, u want to try to throw over the top as much as possible, and dont try to snap your arm bring it all the way back and let it just flow

  7. LakerFan88, 09 February, 2010

    You are probably throwing sidearm which means that your elbow is dragging when you throw, thus creating more stress on the elbow. Try keeping your elbow above your shoulder when you throw and it will take more stress off of your elbow. Also, I find it helpful to use my body when I throw and it results in less pain to my arm. It will take a while to adjust to throwing differently so be patient. Good Luck!

  8. dd1445, 09 February, 2010

    you may have tendonitis.. try getting a tennis elbow brace at a pharmacy

  9. Super Sara, 09 February, 2010

    throw w/ more technique and try not to throw side arm

  10. andy, 09 February, 2010

    this same thing happened to me from about the age of 12 to just before the start of my last season, so about 6 years. every year my elbow would hurt when other players complained that their shoulders were sore.

    finally, i got a new pitching coach and he saw i was whipping my arm around instead of throwing it over the top and it was straining my elbow. so he changed my mechanics and everything worked out great. i had more endurance and after i pitched my shoulder would be sore and not my elbow. its hard to enplain what whipping it is, but i wasnt throwing over the top.

    he said if that didnt help to go get exercises from a chiropractor or a sports doctor, im glad i didnt have to do that.

    good luck,

  11. kevin f, 09 February, 2010

    That happened to me a couple years back. The smartest thing to do is see a chiropractor to check if you have put too much stress on your elbow that you need surgery because it can get worse if you don’t. You should always be pitching overhand. Use your whole body and legs so that you can release all the stress. Also, pitching curve balls can put alot of stress on your elbow as well. Hope I helped bro.

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