elbow really sore after doing a lot of bicep curls?

you know the the top part of the elbow(not the bone) its where the veins run from the forearm to the arm is really umcomfortable any advice to make it less sore?

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  1. Ragnarok, 09 February, 2010

    RICE and Ibuprofen should help.

    I strongly suggest you have a trainer evaluate your form.

    It sounds as you may have pinched a nerve
    while lifting. If you have, you need to lay
    off lifting for a week or two.

    While you are taking time-off, I strongly
    recommend finding the proper lifting form,
    as well as proper stretches warm-ups for the
    muscles you are targeting for the workout.
    Do all the stretch/warm-ups for you entire
    routine at this stage of training.

    While lifting with an improper form, the muscles
    can stress the nerve. While probably not
    damaged permanently, it takes a little time
    to recover.

    Rest, Ice, Compression(ace bandage), and Elevating
    the injured elbow will help speed recovery. I
    do not mean for you to elevate the elbow for
    the entire two weeks, just often, especially
    when resting. After the first two or three days,
    I like to apply heat to the area. Ice prevents
    excessive fluid accumulating around the injury,
    while after a few days, heat will help drain
    the fluid.

    An NSAID(Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Drug)
    like Ibuprofen(Advil, or Motrin or others) will
    help relieve the pain and swelling.


    Future Avoidance:

    Potassium is very helpful when exercising,
    because a minor calcium deficiency can cause
    a bit of pain when exercising, and with lifting,
    minor pains can throw off your form, leading
    to more severe pains. The best source of
    potassium is a banana.

    Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc(CMZ) are also important
    proper development. Vitamin D3 is required
    for Calcium and other minerals to be properly
    absorbed. The best source for D3 is sunlight.
    THE BEST source of CMZ is through tasty foods.
    If you take a CMZ supplement, I suggest Calcium
    Citrate, and not Calcium Carbonate, because
    Calcium Carbonate is not well absorbed.

    Get plenty of rest, and plenty of water. Limit
    your use of caffeine. Do not smoke anything, because
    it interferes with the blood processes. Do not
    drink because it will dehydrate you.

    If the elbow pain becomes unbearable, or
    lasts longer than two weeks, make an appointment
    to see a Dr, because there could be a problem.
    This pain is common among beginning lifters,
    but usually is a matter of lifting form.

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