What muscles are usually used in a tennis serve? What exercises can strengthen them?

I need a faster serve, my flat serve’s speed is not satisfactory in my standards. What exercises can help me to gain a faster racket swing speed?

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  1. tennislover, 09 February, 2010

    u get most of your power from your legs.. and its all in the ball tose and the racquet head speed that use to generate power…. u gotta have fast muscle twitch

  2. GibsonEssGee, 09 February, 2010

    Strong wrist muscles are important as well as upper arm strength. Practise moving your raquet around with a wooden press on it to add additional weight.

  3. Lorenzo Albatross, 09 February, 2010

    Triceps, Biceps and Wrists. Along with Thighs and Calf muscles.

    Triceps: Tricep Dips
    Biceps: Bicep Curls/PushUps
    Wrists: Get 0.5kg weights hold them and flex your wrists
    Thighs – Burpees, Squat Jumps
    Calf – Calf Raises


  4. Eric, 09 February, 2010

    all the muscles in ur body is used.

  5. redfire727, 09 February, 2010

    Although most people think you use your arm muscles more, it is actually your legs. Your legs are what drive you up and into the ball, not your arms. Working on your legs a lot can help. It was said that Agassi’s off court training was 80% legs. As for racquet swing speed, you need to pronate more, but it follows your legs. If you work on your legs, you will see a huge difference in your serve.

    To find leg exercises just look it up on google.

  6. Shanon, 21 October, 2011

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