Help!! Excruciating pain!! Please help me?

Okies,I asked a q like this before,but my problem is getting a bit more serious @ this stage. My right elbow is SERIOUSLY swollen for the past 2/3 months,and nobody seeme to know whats wrong with it!!=( I’ve gone to a really good orthapedic doc,and he said it was prob bruising or bleeding,and put me ina sling and prescribed anti-inflamatories. So that was grand and we went off,thinking my arm would be as-good-as-new. We made an appt. to see him again after 2 weeks,but my arm was not any bit better. He took x-rays,but they showed no fracture. This was really annoying,because the doc just laughed because he was hiding the fact that he was confused. He said to come bac to him in a few months if I wasn’t getting better. During these months,I was in another hospital,and another doc saw me and he took more x-rays and,again,it showed no fracture. He put it down to tennis elbow,and gave me steroid injections. He said that I’d be better in a few weeks with using the anti-inflamatory gel we have
but the swelling has NOT gone down any bit. I started going to physio,and she doesn’t have a clue whats going on either,but she feels there is something seriously wrong with it. I really don’t know what to do now,and I am in soooo much pain,and the pain is even worse when you don’t know whats wrong with you. We are making an appt with the original doc,but I have a feeling he will say rest,and anti-inflammatories and painkillers(which don’t work anymore)
but I HAVE rested,and done everything I can,but nothings helping!! I really wanna get it sorted,so do you people have any suggestions?? I really need help,its been going on for the past 2-3 months,and I wanna get rid of the pain!!
Please help me,any answers would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
I doubt its an infection,because I’m not felling more unwell than usual lol,and its not red or anything,but it is radiating heat..???
And ‘singlegal’,thanks,and I have arthritis too,I’m 15. But I will keep trying,and doctors have dismissed me alot too,even in other things,like my ACL,its torn and they said it was something completley different! Thanks a mill.
‘indiarulz’…I would if I could but I can’t. Sori! But I shall describe it: the bone running along the top of the arm(radius?) is 1-3inches more up than on my other arm,and because of this,it looks like it is bent. The bone on the back of my elbow seems quite swollen also…did that help?? oh,and instead of the lower bone in my arm sticking down a bit,it is sticking up into my arm,like its kinda disappeared…

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  1. singlegal, 09 February, 2010

    Hmmmmm….. I am going through the same sort of thing w/ my right knee….but only for the past 10 days…. Mine IS starting to get better. I ended up in the ER where they took XRAYS and gave me pain meds….. didn’t do much. I saw an ortho surgeon who sort of "pooh poohed" the entire idea and I didn’t get any better. SO…. I called my primary care and sort of insisted that something else must be wrong. He saw me and diagnosed arthritis…. I thought arthritis ONLY bothered bones/joints. He said it can cause inflammation in any part of the body. He has prescribed an anti-inflamatory I have never heard of and it does seem to be working…..slowly. Don’t give up. If you have a primary care doctor make and appt. Ask for a list of things that might cause the symptoms….other than the obvious and the ones you’ve already had misdiagnosed. Ask him for the names of doctors who are excellent w/ the various problems you might be having. Think it through and then go see the one you feel might best be able to help you. Do not give up. There most certainly is a reason for your problem. I will pray that you are able to discover the root cause of your problem in a short period of time. Hang in there.

  2. perkyjinju, 09 February, 2010

    If the joint is red and swollen and you feel generally unwell, ask your doctor to aspirate the joint and check for an infection. I doubt it is a really serious infection because you’d probably be a lot sicker, but it might be an infected insect bite/scratch or some form of bacteria that has got inside either the joint itself or the lubricating sac that overlies the joint (bursa) to cause the swelling and pain. If it’s gone untreated this long it might have gone a bit septic and turned to pus, in which case you really need some antibiotics.

  3. spicey, 09 February, 2010

    Could it be some type of arthritis? I think you should find another doctor. Did you have strep throat 3 months or more ago? Any fever? Rheumatic fever (caused by same bacteria that cause strep) can have this kind of consequence if it was untreated.

  4. indiarulz, 09 February, 2010

    maybe put up a pic of the elbow?? its hard to diagnose without looking

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