Strained Elbow: Permanent???? please help?

Im 15 years old, Is elbow strain PERMANENT??? yes or no?
Is strained elbow permanent???????
hi ive had this for almost a month now, NO PAIN on my elbow, the only problem is my arm is just weak, no strength. no break, no chipped bones. doctor said "dont worry about it". i think im getting my arm strength back.. slowly.

what im asking uguyz think ill get my arm strength back from strained elbow?? im not worried about the pain, cuz i FEEL NO PAIN. lol.
anyways is strained elbow permanent??
thanks guys:)
just say yes or no, and why, DONT BE LIKE "depends.."

so strained elbow is not perm? and tell me why…. and this is not tennis elbow its ,sTrained elbow

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  1. eljeanne, 11 February, 2010

    It’s not permanent. Strain means you injured a muscle. It can still heal but you have to be careful with your elbow next time because it can be prone to injury again. It might take sometime to get your strength back. You have to wait till it’s not painful anymore and then gradually strengthen your upper extremity muscles not just your elbow. See a physical therapist where they can teach treat your strained elbow and teach you safe exercises for strengthening. Hope this helps.

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