How can I relieve elbow pain from hitting a heavy bag?

Hi All,
I recently started kickboxing and hurt my elbow punching the heavy bag. Well it’s been hurting for about a week and I don’t know what to do about it. Is it tennis elbow? And what should I do? Sometimes I can barely straighten it without pain. There is no swelling. I do find that taking an Epson Salt bath tends to help. Should I see a doctor?

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  1. elmer_fuddstien, 12 February, 2010

    Ibuprofin, 3 pills, 3 times a day is my cure-all for aches. Ice to dull the pain, heat to increase bloodflow and speed healing along. Don’t ever fully extend your arm when working on the bag. Also, don’t ever go all out when you wail on a heavy bag, no more than 75% of your full strength or you’re asking for trouble.

  2. Chris S, 12 February, 2010

    First things first, when it comes to punching FORM should be at the top of your list. slow and steady until you have the right form. It sounds to me like you are hitting at strange angles and throwing punches off balance… But I think what you are doing is allowing you arm to extend to the point of hyperextension (joint not able to go any further) if when you punch you arm is completely straight before you hit the bag you are causing serious damage to the joint. DO NOT ALLOW YOU ARM TO EXTEND TO THE POINT YOUR ELBOW IS ACCEPTING THAT MUCH STRAIN.
    there is a lot more to punching than swinging hard.
    while you will experience pain in certain places until your bones and tendons become accustomed to punching you should not be feeling the pain you are feeling. Try looking up proper technique, then practice these things and take them seriously because you can damage yourself for LIFE if you fail to do things properly.
    remember to to always keep your arms up

    Remember Form Form Form, punching HARD is a gift.
    Punching fast and accurate is an art that can be learned.

  3. justin, 12 February, 2010

    cut of the kickboxing for a little while cause if you dont itll get worse and all a doctor will tell you is your working it to hard and to stop using it just continue your salt baths and rest it on ice when you sit down some times

  4. robert r, 12 February, 2010

    Rest your elbow. Work on speed bag, use heavy for your kicks…run more and increase sit-ups and light sparring. When elbow feels better, wear an elbow bandage and go to work again. It’s probably just over use.

  5. bert@sustainable construction, 18 October, 2011

    Any time that you have prolonged pain that doesn’t seem to be getting any better, then it is probably wise to see a doctor.

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