Why do my elbow joints hurt when I lay on them to much?

I have a laptop, and I use it to do work and chat. I dont have a desk so instead of sitting and humping my back I lay down and rest on my elbows, but after sometime they start hurting bad. why? and what should I do?

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  1. Des. Per. Ate!!!, 12 February, 2010

    the cartilage is what protects the joints from rubbing together. sometimes if you are laying on your elbow joints for too long, it stretches out the cartilage and it takes a few moments worth for the pain to go away. if your pain lasts for too long then you should consult a doctor.

  2. I rule, 12 February, 2010

    you are putting to much wait on them for to long!
    put a pillow under them!!!!!

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