How to replace a elbow connector of a PVC pipe?

I just revealed a largely broken white elbow connector in what is probably an overflow pipe for hot water tank. The leak had cuased occosionally and slowly water leak to the wall and caused wall damage as well as growing of molds. After several years unsuccessful interaction with the builder, Young California Homes, I finally gave it up and decided to fix it myself, both the pipe and the wall. Could anyone give me a help on how to DIY? Thanks

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  1. David B, 12 February, 2010

    If this is the hot water tank temperature pressure relief valve drain line then by code it should be copper pipe no smaller than 3/4 inch in diameter. If you are getting hot water dripping from this line and it is connected to the TPR Valve then the valve is bad and leaking or the valve is doing its job and the water heater is malfunctioning and this is in turn a safety issue. Never cap off the outlet of a TPR valve if you do and if the water heater malfunctions, overheats or over pressurizes it could explode. This line might be your condensate drain line from your air conditioning unit. Best way to repair is to purchase elbow, two couplings and some pipe, PVC primer and PVC glue. Cut out old defective part install new. Use bleach water on mold and leave wall open a few days bleach will kill mold. Pipe and fittings should be minimum schedule 40 PVC pipe. Make sure all joints are glue joints and not compression couplings or unions. Do not install compression couplings or unions in the wall as this is against plumbing code. See link.

  2. Charlie Bucket, 12 February, 2010

    You’ll have to cut out the elbow and replace with new PVC. Give yourself plenty of room to add a union (pipe to pipe) then another elbow (pipe-elbow-pipe) then another union, (pipe to pipe)

    Make sure to clean the PVC with the purple stuff and use the cement as directed.

  3. thc451, 12 February, 2010

    The damage this may cause in the long run is huge compared with the ease of fixing it- cut the elboe off and replace it with pvc glue and primer. You need a hack saw,parts,primer and glue- its’ dead simple. Get a sheet of appropriate thickness sheet rock and some rock screws to patch up, also tape,plaster,sheet rock hand sanding tools,a broad faced trowel,etc. After its’ all done and sanded buy a can of texturing compound and spray it on and wipe it down with the suggested tools to match the wall texture. It may take a week of a few minutes here and there as everything dries. If you goof something these materials are very forgiving and once dry can be resurfaced-basically you are imposing a flat surface with a certain finished, eye appeal texture using a bunch of mushy stuff that takes time to dry until its’ rock hard-p.s.check for leaks before enclosing it in sheet rock.

  4. alwayson, 12 February, 2010

    Make sure you know the size or better yet,cut off the elbow and take it with you to Lowes or Home Depot so you will get the right size and buy a couple of the elbows,couplings,6ft piece of PVC,can of primer,and can of pvc cement.The extra elbows and couplings are for ,in case you make a mistake.The glue dries really fast.Measuring first will prevent mistakes.Good luck. Costs about 10-12$.

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