What exercises would you recomend for training for tennis?

as well as practicing tennis i also need to do exercises to help and make me a better player

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  1. G-12, 13 February, 2010

    Some exercises I could recommend doing in preparation for tennis could include working on your abs essentially your core.Your core consists of your abs and stomach area.The reason you need to build this area up is that basically every shot in tennis or movement in Tennis requires you to use your core to achieve maximum performance.Some exercises you could do to build your core could include doing regular sets of crunches every day starting at about 20 reps for days 1 and 2 then moving onto 40 reps for day 3 and 4,then as your body becomes used to this simple workout,try mixing it up by doing alternative sides,as in doing crunches but going up to the left and back down,up to the right and back down.This does it for the core.The next thing you want to work on is your legs and stamina.The legs are important in tennis because they are the base holding of your core and without strong legs,you basically couldn’t generate any balance to hit through all your shots with.To build stronger legs, you could try to do 10-20 squats for day 1 and 2 then move and add reps as the days get going(If you don’t know what squats are look it up)As you do this exercise you will notice that you are real sore the next day,so definately start out doing little amounts then build yourself up to achieve the maximum goal.Another leg exercise to build up leg strenghth are lunges and simply running.Lunges you should keep to a limited amount as I think this exercise is not that great,but doing them once in a while is pretty helpful.In running what you want to do is simple not just get on a track and run but try out differnet methods of running.The best method to getting your legs in better shape is to jog or walk the curves of the track and sprint the straights.This is a very good exercise for the legs,but be careful not to overdo yourself and limit yourself to about maybe one lap the first day then start building off as you start to feel more comfortable.The last thing you need to improve on is your stamina.Your stamina is very easy to build,as the only exercise I could recommend is swimming.There is no particular way of doing this but just get in a pool and start swimming.Maybe to challenge yourself you could start recording how fast you could do a lap or something like that,but for the basics just swim.Well other than this,I covered alot of great workouts that I recommend for you to try them out if they seem to your interests and I wish you good luck.

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