I worked out on thursday and now I am really sore in the elbow and underarm area?

I cant stretch out my arms all the way. It hurts in the inner elbow area to stretch it out all the way. It feels the same way in the underarm area near the armpit.
What can I do to get this to go away? Is there a certain strech I can do?

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  1. *Jess*, 13 February, 2010

    try massaging it.if that doesn`t work just let it be,it will go away in a few days.

  2. lace, 13 February, 2010

    Your inner elbow is were your ulnar nerve is. It’s a big nerve, often is what’s hurt when someone hits their funny bone, they actually hit the nerve. It’s supposed to glide in a groove next to a boney prominence, but sometimes it will slip back & forth over the prominence causing irratation, pain and the symptoms you described…by the way the nerve runs all the way up to the armpit as well. It’s possible that it also could be tendinitis, which is symptomatic of what you describe, the junction were the tendon connects to the bone is at the inner elbow and would cause the whole muscle to hurt & become irratated. Which ever one it is, the standard treatment is the same…ice, naproxen/aleve as an anti-inflammatory, aspirin for pain & rest to allow the irratation to subside. If you choose not to rest, it would be the equivelent of picking a scab and wondering why it never heals, so be smart. Other than that, decrease the amount of weight your lifting. Often what happens is that the tendons start to compensate for the lack of strength in a muscle and overwork themselves, becoming strained,irratated & inflammed. This happens alot when you do too much weight. Hope this helps!

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