Just had elbow surgery on Dec,11 and my pt is very concerned about my rage of motion?

I recently had ulnar nerve surgery and radial nerve surgery and tennis elbow surgery.3.5 weeks out and my doc and therapists are worried about my stiffness and rage of motion they want to wear special braces that make rage of motion better.They hope this works or i,ll be having yet another surgery again! I,m not really sure about anything anymore,or if i,ll ever be the same again.The doc is hopeful to get me to a functional state and told me it may not be a bad idea to change jobs because of all the use of my injured arm.I,m a workcomp patient and just lookinf for any advice Please help………….

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  1. YOUR MOM ™, 13 February, 2010

    you need to work it the best you can and try to get the R&M back. Much depends on the patient and how willing the patient is to get back to normal. keep your spirits up!

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