Sharp pain in my elbow, only when completely bent?

There’s no swelling, isn’t sore at all when touched or prodded, and there’s no pain in my upper or lower arm.
It’s a sharp pain that feels like it’s somewhere inbetween all off the bony spots at the end of your elbow,
It is only in my left elbow (and I’m right handed).
It only happens when it’s almost completely bent. I’ve tried the tests for Tennis elbow that I found online, and get no pain from that. Don’t get any pain from any other movement except for bending my elbow (such as putting my purse over my shoulder, or putting a jacket on, etc)
I’ve had it on and off for about a week, and it only got worse yesterday, and it’s starting to become a dull constant pain as of today.

I would GREATLY appreciate any help/suggestions/diagnoses/advice!!
Since my joint/pain doctor didn’t have any openings until OCTOBER.

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  1. Douglas B, 14 February, 2010

    The good part is pain can only come from one of two places, muscles or nerves. And I doubt that it is nerves, that would be more constant. So it’s muscle. Boy I would like to ride a horse. It’s trying to find the right muscle that is the problem. but you do have it narrowed down pretty good. As long as it feels like it’s between the bony spots, let’s go to those areas first.
    Leave your arm fairly stretched out and resting on something, your lap doing nicely. With your other hand press in on the area that the pain is coming from, and if you press around you might find a sore ligament, which says I am the one, put a finger on me. Without that happening it’s a hit and miss. Press hard on the area you chose and keep the pressure applied to it. Then relax, take a deep breath and exhale and don’t let any part of your body tense up. After 30 seconds. slowly close your arm up as far as you can. when there, release the pressure but let it rest there for one minute. Do another spot if this didn’t do it. Any problems or questions, or instructions to a stable, let me know, I’ll do my best to help.

  2. xotennisxo, 06 September, 2011

    i had the same problem and that helped! thanks:)

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