Tennis elbow problem, PLEASE HELP!!!?

I’ve been told that I have tennis elbow, Wierd I don;t play tennis HUH. I’ve done physical threrapy on it and I’ve had 2 cortizone shots. the last one was on Tuesday. The pain has not stopped yet. My doctor said if it didn’t quit bothering me, he’ll refer me to a orthopedic doctor. What can they do for this? I’m sick of pain pills and antiflamatory pills, doesn’t help much either. Any suggestions PLEASE!!!!

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  1. ~*Baby girl*~, 15 February, 2010


  2. renebug, 15 February, 2010

    Purchase some Biofreeze.Prepare an ice pack and rotate
    15min on &30 min off 2/daythen rub on biofreeze and wrap
    in saran wrap.While not doing the ice packs and biofreeze,
    wrap elbow in ace bandage and tape it off with first aid tape.

  3. Bob B, 15 February, 2010

    I had it in both elbows and I too had cortisone shots and p.t. In my case I ended up having surgery on both elbows, they went in, cut the tendon (shortened actually ) and reattached them at a different point. This was about eight years ago and I haven’t had a bit of trouble at all, and no more pain. I don’t play tennis either, it just comes from repetitive motions and over straining on a daily basis.

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