American Twist Serve?? And the Tennis Elbow??

hello, i would like to know how to do the american twist serve, and do i have to jump when i do it??? What is the tennis elbow?? and how do i prevent from getting it??? help please

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  1. Ryoma Echizen, 16 February, 2010

    American Twist serve or kick serve is is hit by brushing hard up on the ball from seven to one o’clock. You should be only brushing up don’t swing into the ball otherwise it won’t be a true kick serve and will lack the bounce, so swing up hard, you don’t have to jump but it does help if you do it in the right way, if you load up and bend your legs and come up to hit it you’re naturally going to jump a little but if you forcefully jump for the sake of jumping your doing it wrong.

    Tennis elbow is some micro tears in your elbow, to prevent it you can try a softer string like Wilson NXT and not Polyester or Nylon strings. Also you can try a more powerful racket instead of a contol racket.

  2. shojo, 16 February, 2010

    I can’t tell you how to do the twist serve, but I can tell you about tendonitis (tennis elbow). It is caused by any repetitive motion, such as playing tennis, lifting weights, clipping the hedges, even painting. In tennis, poor form is the most common cause. To prevent it, avoid one handed backhand swings with poor form, late forehand swings that cause you to significantly bend your wrist, and avoid excessive snapping of the wrist in full powered serves.

  3. PantherPassant, 16 February, 2010

    If you want to see the kind of serve refered to as an American Twist or Topspin serve,study Stefan Edberg.
    Go to youtube and search Stefan Edberg.That’s what it looks like.
    He used alot of spin on his serve to get it deep and heavy,and give him time to get to the net.
    Serve and volley is a fast dying tactic in the current pro game.
    Edberg was one of the best ever.

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