Ouch, my elbow. Tennis Elbow?!?

Okay, so i woke up today.
And i TRIED making my left arm straight.
It worked but when i did, it hurt.
I came home early
and as im sitting here typing.
its starting to hurt even more.
I have a doc. appointment at 5:30 im
def. gonna tell him about this.
It sorta feels like its at least an inch or too away from the elbow itself.
Its sorta behind the elbow.
Pleaaassseee help!
it hurts so much

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  1. Kara S, 17 February, 2010

    It does sound as though you may have tennis elbow, or have strained it. It is odd that it just happened when you woke up. It’s good you are going to the doctor. They can x-ray it to determine what is causing you so much pain. Some get bursitis, which is caused from over use and straining of a joint.
    Definitely let your doctor know about the elbow pain. He may give you some anti-inflammatories and pain medications. The best thing to do us to rest your elbow.
    Best of luck Hope I helped.

  2. gillianprowe, 17 February, 2010

    Once the inflammation and pain have subsided you need to take up Pilate’s exercise, otherwise the pain will return.

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