How do you keep your elbow under the ball while shooting in basketball?

I’ve tried to remember stuff like put my elbow over my knee and simply to think "elbow under ball", but none of this stuff worked. Does anyone have another like tip that i can remember while shooting or something like I have been trying if not can you just give me a tip that helps you keep your elbow in and under the ball. Thank You

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  1. Mango[:, 17 February, 2010

    Well first, practice doing it before going into a practice or game. Stand on the half court like (or any other line) and put your legs shoulder-width apart. Put the ball on top of your hand, and just line it up with your leg. Then shoot it as you always do, and if it hits another area of the line, then you did it correctly. Good luck and just practice it a lot and you’ll get it!

  2. Eric F, 17 February, 2010

    Ok so visualizing is key in any sport. Like in baseball you visualize taking the steroid, and getting huge and hitting the ball far. It’s the same in basketball, as long as you visualize yourself getting a nike contract, becoming really tall, and dunking on people you’ll be fine

  3. James, 17 February, 2010

    Wanna know the truth? Go here:

    that’s a successful NBA player, Shawn Marion. As long as you have a very VERY consistent form (make sure it’s a form that you won’t get blocked so easily), practice goes a long way.

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