Golfers Elbow(tendinitis).Tried injections,hot/cold,creams,PT,ultrasound.. No Help. Trying to avoid surgery!?

Any suggestions from someone who has dealt with this condition? Also tried exercises,massage and stretching!!!!

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  1. JustMe, 17 February, 2010

    I suggest taking lots of all natural Alfalfa Complex. I don’t personally have tendonitis but I’m aware of someone who took care of the condition by taking large amounts of Alfalfa.

    Hope this is helpful and feel free to contact me with questions or if interested in the brand I’m referring to.

  2. MOOFER, 17 February, 2010

    I have the same problem after i golf. I dont think there is much you can do about it. What i do is just movie it around, like bending it. Sorry I couldn’t help much!

  3. nurseflowergirl, 17 February, 2010

    i also had this condition. it takes 2 to 6 months for it to get better. i used a neophrene elbow pad to keep the heat in. if u look on the internet you can find exercises but they recommend that you dont do any if you have pain. motrin for a few weeks may help by alleviating swelling and thus pain. isnt it weird, when it hurts it hurts at the same level and if its gone its gone?thats the nature of tendons, and i just got better from feb. also went thru this with my ankle and it took 2 years. so its best to keep it calm and also try capsaicin but only use a little. i used a plastic spoon, the backside and applied like a dot’s worth and spread it quickly on the elbow and surrounding muscles. this helps a great deal, keeps tha area warm. but you cant overapply the med cause it will burn like heck, and if u use your hands then they burn too.goodluck and try to avoid surgery, i did and it just takes alot of pain and time ;)michele

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