I have tennis elbow/carpal tunnel. I bought glucosamine chondroitin complex. Would that help me? Thanks!?

I have been to the doctor several times. I was on ibuprofen 400mg (3 times per day). That has not helped me. I will be going through physical theraphy soon. I just want every type of prevention or help out there. If you have suggestions/recommenditions pls share them with me. 🙂

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  1. kaz, 18 February, 2010

    I came across the glucosamine, because the dentist told my daughter to take it, because she had jaw surgrey,and she had joint pain in jaw, in two weeks she said it helped. Then i took it because i have had hip pain in the joints for 5 years, and now it is gone, please do try this..it is great.I was also told that you can buy the liquid and it is even better then the capsules. good luck

  2. Victoria G, 18 February, 2010

    About a year ago my wrists started going numb, and I could barely do my job. (I’m a server) A friend told me about "Coral Calcium". I take it once a day, with a meal, and it’s great. Probably a week after regular use the pain went away. I really was ready to sign up for the operation before that! Now I have no more problems.

  3. Jaime Krzak, 31 August, 2011

    I started buying chondroitin and glucosamine and it stopped my arthritis pain. I heard about a new product with tart cherry and glucosamine called Cherry Prime. I found some three weeks ago online and even got it with free shipping from Traverse Bay Farms.

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