As a tennis player recovering from tendinitis, what sort of vitamin supplements should I be taking?

Last fall, I played a little too much tennis and developed tendinitis in my right wrist and began to see a slight hint of tennis elbow, but fortunatley stopped and immobilized my arm before anything permanent could set in. Now that spring is coming, I’m going to start playing tennis a lot and I’m wondering what sort of vitamins and/or excersizes and/or anything I can do to keep my arms and joint strong and healthy. I currently take a normal multivitamin, a omega-3 complex and a glucosamine/chondroitin complex. Is there anything else I can be taking to strengthen tendins/muscles/connective tissue/bones? Also, what sort of excersizes, workouts or warm ups can you reccomend for me?

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  1. perseus, 18 February, 2010

    Would’nt even consider any advice from this sight.I’d be wholly reliant of good medical instructions.Or any coaching staff available

  2. lys_knee, 18 February, 2010

    I think that is both important to take a multivitamin and do both exercise to strengthen the joints.
    It might pay to take a calcium supplement as this would help strengthen the joints, also increase the amount of calcium in your diet.
    As for the muscles, tissues and tendons the best thing to do would be to exercise them.
    Have you been to a physio? This may be a wise thing to consider as a physio can tell you what exercises would be appropriate for your injury and how much exercise to do on a daily basis.
    Also you could check out this website:
    Hope this helps!

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