How do I fix a flying right elbow in my golfswing?

On the backswing by elbow bows out and it is difficult to keep it tucked closer to my body? Any tips, set up thoughts etc?

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  1. wbaker777, 19 February, 2010

    In my experience, A flying right elbow is indicative of two things,
    1. That the left Elbow is breaking down during the back swing.
    2. It is prime indicator of trying to swing too hard,

    Instead of concentrating on The right, Work on keeping your left Elbow straight…..That for me has always been the key.

    And don’t try to kill the ball.

    I saw the clubhead cover and/or Towel drills mentioned……They are a reverse kind of thing…..if the right stays in…the left stays straight…so both can accomplish your goal

  2. green_lantern66, 19 February, 2010

    use a towel or a clubhead cover, and place it under your arm, up by the armpit. when you swing, try to keep the cover in place. if it falls, you know your elbow’s still flying out.

  3. griller, 19 February, 2010

    Andrew when practising try swinging with your right arm only for a few swings and you’ll find it difficult not to point your elbow down and have it fold into the correct position at your side. Hit some balls and repeat this exercise and you’ll soon find the flying elbow is a thing of the past.It’s always a good idea to do with the left what you do with the right so do make some one armed swings with the left just to stay away from becoming too right handed.

  4. CS, 19 February, 2010

    Griller’s tip of swinging with your right arm only (as drill) is a good one.

    The flying right elbow is primarily caused by trying to make a big backswing with no use of your hands. Contrary to some myths, you must use your hands when swinging a golf club (see Nick Price). If you use your hands to initiate the backswing (what is called "setting the club") you will see the right elbow then tucks automatically.

    You can see a little more about this on youtube ( ) and I would also read "Hit Down Dammit!" as there is much in this that covers your issue. Good luck!

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