Keyboard wrist support type?

I bought a keyboard pad, it is like clothe but is 2 inches wider than keyboard. ( Office Max) it is nice but why is it wider?
I am limited to space, I bought for ergonomics and I have tenis elbow. it is 18” wide , office depot ones are 19-1/2”
I thought of getting the bean bag on because it would mold to your wrist and you could wash it ( a big plus) but I thought it would keep sinking form the weight off wrist, therefore a hassle. And a big thing, I am not the best typer, speed wise.
when I am using this thing, it is comfortable but my typing is much worse and slower now. Is this normal? and how long before I get used to it? Also what is the best, the cloth, foam. rubber, or bean bag???? Sorry for all the Questions in one paragraph. I got the cloth because I don’t want to be sticking to it, like sweating. the bean bad is cloth, I think also.
what is your opinion???
thank you

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  1. dinojr_2005, 19 February, 2010

    I have a cloth foam one and i love it I bought it at comp usa and it took about 3 weeks to get use to it but now it travels with me everywhere i know i will have to type.

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