Need to know how to adjust my bicycle so I don't keep getting tennis elbow in my left elbow(right unaffected)

Over the last 2 months I’ve developed tennis elbow from cycling on my hybrid bicycle (Diamondback Maravista). I’ve had a "professional" look at me on my bike on a trainer and he installed an extension tube on my front fork, but that’s not helping.
For some reason it’s only on my LEFT elbow. I don’t think I’m overcompensating, but I broke my right arm broke the ulna where it meets the elbow) about 3 months ago, and started cycling seriously when I recovered from it (I got the docs ok to ride). I’m not tensing (death grip on the handlebars), elbows are bent, and my shoulders are forward. My handlebars are almost flat (just a slight rise), and I have bar ends. I’m willing to do whatever’s necessary, as I’m in the middle of trying to get in shape and I love cycling. Picture of bike can be seen on or

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  1. ebike/vm colorado, 20 February, 2010

    Decreased use, and decreased weight bearing would normally be in order. Short of obtaining a bike that unloads your upper body weight from your arms (my choice due to my age) , you can try modifying your bike to give you a more upright but less efficient position.

    Obtaining a second more upright bike (or a recumbent) would be a very good idea for this recovery period. You could then switch back and forth depending on the problem with your arm.

    Bike adjustments for most efficient cycling are different from adjustments for injury recovery.

    You might also look for a Dr.’s advise who happens to be a regular cyclist.

  2. Ben P, 20 February, 2010

    -get a second opinion from another bike shop
    -don’t ride rough roads/trails
    -adjust elbows in/out so you get comfy
    -take some Motrin before /after a ride
    -see if you can get some bar end extensions so you have exra hand positions

    My elbows bother me when mountainbiking because of having only one hand position.

  3. mirageguitarworks, 20 February, 2010

    Ben is correct…

    You are probably having problems because you only have one hand position. Having bar ends installed will give you more positions, keep in mind when they are installed that they are out at an angle approximately equal to the stem angle, or at the very most up at a 45º. Never put bar ends vertical to the ground… they are not meant as "extensions".

    You might also try some good padded gloves.

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