What are some exercises i can do to help my agility for tennis?

Also, would it be better if i did them with leg weights?

Easy 10 points for tennis competitive players who belong to some sort of team of association.

On a side note: What are some exercises i can do to help me get into shape for the season? What about Diet? what should i be eating?

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  1. tennispimpster, 20 February, 2010

    Suicides (acceleration and changing directions)
    Sprints (acceleration)
    Endurance running (endurance)
    Ladder exercises (foot work)
    Jump rope (foot work)

    And don’t play around with leg weights, I’ve never been a fan of them.

    What are some exercises I can do to help me get into shape for the season?
    All listed above and work out upper body too. It’s never bad to have some muscle. Importance in order (upper body only): shoulder, abs, back, forearm.
    What should I eat?
    The usual fitness stuff if you really care that much. I don’t really care what I eat when I’m not going to play. The meal before I play a match, I eat carbs (pasta, sandwich). 20 minutes before I play, I eat a banana (the energy from bananas lasts a long time.) Don’t eat while playing. As for drinking, good old water is always the best. Drink energy drinks like Gatorade if you are going to play for a long time. Everytime you get a break, drink about one gulp of energy drink and a few mouthfuls of water. In four hours of tennis, I drink about one average sized Gatorade. As for water…I usually refill my container 4-6 times.

  2. TennisMan, 20 February, 2010

    I successfully play tennis on my high school tennis team, and I know of an exercise you can do which is called Suicide. You start parallel to the net, at the edge of the doubles alley. You run toward the singles line, then run back. Then you run to the service line, touch it, and run back. the you go to the opposite singles line, and go back. And finally, run to the opposite edge of the court and run back. This helped me a lot in strength and endurance.
    As for food, I recommend a more proteinated diet if you plan to lift weights, and before any competitions or practice on the court, eat complex carbohydrates such as starch (in pasta and potatoes).

  3. London NW3, 20 February, 2010

    You play on the baseline and opposite are two players near the net.They volley back your ground shots.Because they are volleying the ball comes back to you quickly.This means great alertness and agility.Set a target of 100 clean hits to volleyers,slowly over days/weeks increase to 300 hits.

    It is utterly exhausting,but as your stamina increases you will find you are hitting really cleanly and precisely.Once you can continuously hit 300 balls,your agility will be awesome,and your ground shots will all be made with your feet in exactly the right place,so deadly accuracy.But it is very hard,the results are teriffic

  4. Self Proclaimed Genius, 20 February, 2010

    Run Run Run!!

  5. Thomas, 20 February, 2010

    -Run suicides, take longer runs to build up endurance.

    -Jump Rope

    -Eat slow burning carbs-oatmeal, for example- and plenty of fruit such as apples and bananas.

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