why does my elbow hurt?

I woke up a few days ago and my elbow was killing me. I waited a day thinking I must have done something when I was sleeping to hurt it. But its been like 3 days and I cant use my left arm without feeling a really strong pain in the elbow. I am thinking I have not done any sports in a few weeks and I did not hit my elbow into anything and its not the way I sleep so why is my elbow hurting me? Thanks in advance.
well then if I have not done any sports have not hit it in any way and did not injure it during the night then what would cause the pain?

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  1. Renea RN, 20 February, 2010

    Have you tried taking Motrin? Motrin helps relieve pain and it is an anti-inflammatory so it will help reduce swelling. Since the pain has persisted for 3 days I would probably make an appointment with my doctor to get an x-ray. You may have a small fracture espcially since you having pain anytime you move it.

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